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Prijevoz kontaminant
Tunnels and land bridges
Kontaminant u sjemenu
Optional Submit a document (or web link to such document) with any other information the Member State wishes to add in relation to the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 1143 2014 further to what is requested in this format.
Kontaminant materijala u rasadniku uzgajalištu
Kontaminant u hrani (uključujući u živoj hrani)
Submit a document (or web link to such document) describing the surveillance system referred to in Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No 1143 2014.
Kontaminant na životinjama (osim nametnika, vrsta koje se prenose domaćinom vektorom)
Provide a document (or web link to such document) describing the official control system pursuant to Article 15 of Regulation (EU) No 1143 2014, including a description of procedures to ensure the exchange of relevant information and the efficient and effective coordination between all authorities involved in the verification as provided for in Article 15(7) of Regulation (EU) No 1143 2014.
Kontaminant na biljkama (osim nametnika, vrsta koje se prenose domaćinom vektorom)
Submit a document (or web link to such document) with information on the cost of action undertaken to comply with Regulation (EU) No 1143 2014, when available.
Content (concentration)
the short term nature of money market instruments
Kontrola koncentracija
Merger control
Kontrolu koncentracija
Merger control
Relativna koncentracija
Relative concentration
završna koncentracija
100 ml) final
praćenje koncentracija
and prolongation of the
završna koncentracija
CANCIDAS added to
završna koncentracija
Količina (koncentracija)
Content (concentration)
Sadržaj (koncentracija
Content (concentration)
Sadržaj (koncentracija)
Content (concentration)
Sastav (koncentracija
Content (concentration)
Sastav (koncentracija)
Content (concentration)
Konačna koncentracija
Final concentration
Koncentracija hemoglobina
Koncentracija hemoglobina
Haemoglobin concentration
Udahnuta koncentracija
Inspired Concentration
Granična koncentracija
Nazivna koncentracija
Amount added to water
Nazivna koncentracija
M4 and M7 media
Najmanja koncentracija
Koncentracija 12
Relativna koncentracija
Yes No (1)
(snižena koncentracija itrakonazola
(decrease in itraconazole
Koncentracija navlažene matrice
Concentration of wetted matrix
koncentracija lopinavira nije
concentrations has not been
značaj sniženih koncentracija
consideration when choosing a
značajnog sniženja koncentracija
decrease maraviroc concentrations and
koncentracija simeprevira u
Effects on drug levels
koncentracija simeprevira u
Hepatitis C antivirals
porast koncentracija ovog
in the concentration of this
porast koncentracija ovog
large increase in the concentration of this
Maksimalna koncentracija (Cmax)
Maximum concentration (Cmax)
koncentracija amprenavira nije
Mechanism unknown.
izmjerena koncentracija emisija
The BAT AELs set out in these BAT conclusions may not apply to liquid fuel fired and gas fired turbines and engines for emergency use operated less than 500 h yr, when such emergency use is not compatible with meeting the BAT AELs.