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Set x position of actual selection
Component certifying staff shall be qualified in accordance with Article 5(6) and point 145.A.35.
Category A, divided into the following subcategories
NAziv Komponente
Assembly Name
Opis komponente
Component Description
Sve komponente
All Components
Odaberi komponente
Select Components
Ime komponente
Component name
Ime komponente
Component name
Dijagram komponente...
Component Diagram...
Pojedine komponente
Components of the composite
Opis komponente
Changes in other technical provisions as defined in Directive 91 674 EEC where applicable it is the changes in other technical provisions for the gross proportional reinsurance accepted.
Glavne komponente
The team should ensure self sufficiency during the entire deployment time.
Mrežne komponente.
e mail intranet internet access
Omogući dodatne komponente
Enable additional components
Komponente kibernetičkih krugova
Elements of cybernetic circuits
Komponente za Građevinarstvo
Civil Engineering Components
Veličina komponente uklapanja
Snap component size
Komponente... američke, ruske...
Components, American components, Russian components.
Escherichia coli komponente
Escherichia coli components
Te komponente uključuju
Amphibious and deep water fording vehicles
Dijelovi i komponente
any economic operator to whom they have directly supplied a device
Dijelovi i komponente
The Commission shall also endeavour to ensure that that nomenclature is available to other stakeholders free of charge, where reasonably practicable.
b. unutarnje komponente
Ring shaped seals and gaskets, having an inner diameter of 400 mm or less, made of any of the following materials
Jedinstveni broj komponente
Changes in other technical provisions Gross Proportional reinsurance accepted
Aktivnosti svemirske komponente
Sentinel 5
Komponente sustava ubrizgavanja,
Engine damage assessment
Komisija održava zajedničke komponente, a države članice održavaju svoje nacionalne komponente.
Personal data protection
Komponente za električne krugove
Components for electric circuits
ovdje ide ime komponente
component name here
Instalirajte dodatne komponente Krossa
Please install additional Kross components
Primjer komponente za KOfficeName
ZoomTool for Kivio
Postoje tri komponente suosjećanja.
There are three components of compassion.
Sve su komponente sterilne.
All components are sterile.
Pojedinačne komponente kompozitnih ishoda
Individual components of composites
Uključuje komponente za miješanje.
Refined petroleum distillate used in sectors other than aircraft transport.
Sustavi, oprema i komponente
Spacecraft payload (9) means equipment, attached to the spacecraft bus , designed to perform a mission in space (e.g., communications, observation, science).
e. komponente kako slijedi
Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) equipment and related equipment, as follows
Fenol (CAS broj 108 95 2) se upotrebljava kao monomer za fenolne smole u proizvodnji drvenih ploča lijepljenih sintetičkim smolama za igračke.
Phenol was identified in emissions from game consoles, in one of six analysed tents or tunnels for children and in packaging film, it was tested in bath toys and other inflatable toys, and it was considered to be present in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Nije potrebno aktiviranje izlaza komponente sustava isključivo u svrhu praćenja tog izlaza komponente sustava.
Device circuits
Komponente za dijagrame električnih krugova
Components for circuit diagrams
Jebi se! Ne znaš komponente!
You don't know the components!