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Upućivanje - prijevod : Točka - prijevod :

Točka - prijevod : Upućivanje - prijevod : Upućivanje - prijevod : Točka - prijevod : Točka - prijevod : Točka - prijevod : Točka - prijevod : Upućivanje točka - prijevod :
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Početno upućivanje na nacionalno zakonodavstvo točka
Content of the national legislation Use of a collective term in the transport document and an annexed list containing the information prescribed as stipulated above.
Početno upućivanje na nacionalno zakonodavstvo točka
Directive 2008 57 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 June 2008 on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community (OJ L 191, 18.7.2008, p. 1), as last amended by Commission Directive 2014 38 EU of 10 March 2014 (OJ L 70, 11.3.2014, p. 20).
Početno upućivanje na nacionalno zakonodavstvo točka
Commission Regulation (EU) No 454 2011 of 5 May 2011 on the technical specification for interoperability relating to the subsystem telematics applications for passenger services of the trans European rail system (OJ L 123, 12.5.2011, p. 11), as last amended by Commission Regulation (EU) 2015 302 of 25 February 2015 (OJ L 55, 26.2.2015, p. 2).
Početno upućivanje na nacionalno zakonodavstvo točka (b) i točka 6.14.
Initial reference to the national legislation Appendix 1, point, of the Ordinance on the carriage of dangerous goods by road (SDR RS 741.621).
Početno upućivanje na nacionalno zakonodavstvo točka (c) Dodatka 1.
Railway transport
Točka (a) mijenja se uz upućivanje na novu odredbu u članku 21.
Point (a) is amended with a cross reference to the new provision in Article 21 (2), see below.
Pravna osnova Direktiva 2008 68 EZ, članak 6. stavak 2. točka (a) Upućivanje na odjeljak I.1.
Initial reference to the national legislation Arrêté du 1er juin 2001 relatif au transport des marchandises dangereuses par route Article 12.
Upućivanje predmeta
Case referrals
Bivše upućivanje
Dąbie 54d, PL 39 311 Zdziarzec, Poland
Novo upućivanje
Article 5
4.2 Upućivanje radnika
4.2 Posting of workers
Upućivanje na dokumente
m threshold value for the number of bacteria the result is considered satisfactory if the number of bacteria in all samples does not exceed m
Upućivanje Velikom vijeću
Where the Board of Appeal obtains knowledge, from a source other than the concerned member itself or a party to the proceedings, of a possible reason for exclusion or objection under Article 137(3) of Regulation (EC) No 207 2009, the procedure laid down in Article 137(4) of Regulation (EC) No 207 2009 shall be applied.
Upućivanje na stavak
Gaseous pollutants according to the definitions in UN ECE Regulation 49 Rev.06.
Upućivanje predmeta povjerenstvu
The request for a recommendation shall contain the information required in Article 142(3) of Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018 1046.
Upućivanje na ERATV
For new vehicles alphanumeric code based on EIN, see Appendix 2
Upućivanje na ERATV
Registration status (5) _ _
Upućivanje Velikom vijeću
Exclusion and objection
Upućivanje na dokumente
either II.3.1.
Upućivanje na dokumente
No(s) of CITES
Crta Točka Točka
Dash Dot Dot
Upućivanje na zootehničko zakonodavstvo
References to zootechnical legislation
Upućivanje na regulatorni akt
Regulatory act reference
Upućivanje na opća načela
The decision on the fixing of costs, stating the reasons on which it is based, may be reviewed by a decision of the Opposition Division or Cancellation Division or Board of Appeal on a request filed within one month of the date of notification of the awarding of costs.
Upućivanje na MSFI 9
Recognition conditions
upućivanje na nacionalni dosje
adopt the reports on the technical functioning of SIS II pursuant to Article 50(4) of Regulation (EC) No 1987 2006 and Article 66(4) of Decision 2007 533 JHA, of VIS pursuant to Article 50(3) of Regulation (EC) No 767 2008 and Article 17(3) of Decision 2008 633 JHA and of EES pursuant to Article 72(4) of Regulation (EU) 2017 2226
Upućivanje na temeljni akt
This appropriation is intended to enable studies to be contracted out to qualified experts in the fields of audit and also in those of an administrative nature.
Upućivanje na nacionalnu odluku
Date or period during which the debt was incurred
(upućivanje na pravni akt)
The number and year of the forthcoming Joint Committee Decision is presented as x xxxx .
Upućivanje u ovoj Direktivi
With a view to reaching this goal, the Commission laid down seven strategic objectives, including improving the education and training of road users and the protection of vulnerable road users.
Upućivanje na regulatorni akt
Installation of lighting and light signalling devices on vehicles
Upućivanje na regulatorni akt
Paragraphs 5. to 5.7. of UN Regulation No 21.
upućivanje na nacionalni dosje
communication plans to ensure that non participating members of eu LISA s Management Board are fully informed.
svako upućivanje na muški rod istovremeno znači upućivanje na ženski rod i obrnuto
Točka 1.4, druga točka
Point 1.4 second bullet point
Točka 1.4, zadnja točka
Point 1.4 third bullet point
Točka 1.4, prva točka
Point 1.4, first paragraph
Točka 1.4.2 (nova točka)
Point 1.4.2 (new point)
Točka 11.4 (nova točka)
Point 11.4 (new)
Točka 11.5 (nova točka)
Point 11.5 (new)
Točka 2.7.3 (nova točka)
Point 2.7.3 (new point)
Točka 3.1.1 (nova točka)
Point 3.1.1 (new point)
Točka 4.10 (nova točka)
Point 4.10 (new)
Točka 4.4.4 (nova točka)
Point 4.4.4 (new)